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Our Pharmaceutical Division distributes prescription drug items across the pharmacy network, while our Medical Division supplies disposable hospital items, medical sundries and equipment to medical professionals, institutions and individual patients.

Our newest, the Consumer Division, services supermarkets, wholesales, convenience stores, Beauty novelty stores, mom and pop shops and the like with fast moving consumer goods, focusing on beauty brands, household items, confectionery and snacks.

Medical Supplies

This division is comprised of a team that focuses on sales, as well as product detailing and promotion to medical professionals

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Pharmaceutical Brands

MDS represents global leaders in the pharmaceutical arena which include industry innovators, as well as branded generic drug houses.

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Consumer Products

Our Consumer Division is supported by two sales conduits - the first is comprised of our dedicated Consumer Sales personnel who are experienced in mass retailing channels, while the other utilises our Pharmaceutical network.

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Our history

We have been adding value to lives since 1977. Would you like to take a tour of our history?

MDS began as just an ambitious vision, driven around in its roving office - the trunk of a blue Volvo 850 - and later housed in a small room of a building at 18 Westminster Road. Now, a listed company on the Junior Market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange and domiciled on its own property, any windows of opportunity that we now have were opened, in part, as a result of what felt like closed doors in the earlier years.