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About mds

At MDS, we have continuously reinvented ourselves to stay ahead of the curve since 1998. 

 We pride ourselves on a strong dedication to quality, a loyal commitment to our customers, and the drive to innovate solutions that lead the charge toward a dynamic future.

Years in Business
Over 22 years of moving you forward -

Medical Disposables & Supplies (MDS) LIMITED is a distribution company operating in Jamaica with an island- wide offering of healthcare and consumables in the areas of Pharmaceutical, Medical Sundries, Consumer Goods, Dental Supplies as well as retail pharmacy sales..

Our Pharmaceutical Division distributes prescription drug items across the pharmacy network, while our Medical Division supplies disposable hospital items, medical sundries and equipment to medical professionals, institutions and individual patients.

Our newest, the Consumer Division, services supermarkets, wholesales, convenience stores, Beauty novelty stores, mom and pop shops and the like with fast moving consumer goods, focusing on beauty brands, household items, confectionery and snacks.

We actively ensure that the brands we represent are on the shelves of stocking outlets but also facilitate 'walk-in' clients.

We focus on providing an unparalleled experience in our customer interactions and a world-class offering that will delight our partners, fulfill our work family, enrich our shareholders and better the communities we serve. 

medical disposables & supplies

Business Unusual

We take care of our team, our partners and their brands and ultimately, our consumers. MDS exists to provide an unparalleled experience in every aspect of our interactions and a world-class offering that will better the lives of those we serve.

Our mantra speaks to our constant efforts to be dynamic and different, to separate ourselves from existing competition. We dare to penetrate the confines of textbook norms in crafting a cutting edge culture, to position MDS as industry pioneers. This often involves understanding our customers and our partners so we can customize our offerings, strategies and alliances.

Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion.

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“Beat the Best!”


To be the most customer-centric and profitable distributor in the Caribbean.

On our mission to beat the best, we continue to strive for superior service delivery (viewing the customer as the boss). At the pinnacle of our strategies is the focus given to our Principals, to foster close partnerships that return mutually beneficial rewards. We remain committed to making technological advancements, applying data driven analytics and focusing on adapting to constant changes in the external environment.

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Fulfilled Employees

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Quality Assurance

Social Responsibility

Our history

We have been adding value to lives since 1977. Would you like to take a tour of our history?

MDS began as just an ambitious vision, driven around in its roving office - the trunk of a blue Volvo 850 - and later housed in a small room of a building at 18 Westminster Road. Now, a listed company on the Junior Market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange and domiciled on its own property, any windows of opportunity that we now have were opened, in part, as a result of what felt like closed doors in the earlier years.