Our History

MDS began as just an ambitious vision, driven around in its roving office – the trunk of a blue Volvo 850 – and later housed in a small room of a building at 18 Westminister Road. Now, a listed company on the Junior Market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange and domiciled on its own property, any windows of opportunity that we now have were opened, in part, as a result of what felt like closed doors in the earlier years.

What happens when you
start with the heart…

Much credit rests at the feet of its founder – a lone nurse – whose formal training at UHWI, subsequent years in the medical profession and commercial experience at the island’s leading distributor in the industry are likely to be perceived as the major contributing factors to the founding of MDS in 1998 and the Company’s advancement. Though this is true, a deeper exploration transports us decades earlier to a little girl who was conditioned to take care of her younger brother and those around her from the age of five (5) after the tragic and untimely passing of her breadwinning father. These personal and professional areas of supervision have led to the super vision of what we call MDS. And, the compassionate trait that developed in that five-year-old girl has followed the Company closely since then, making ‘Taking Care’ more than a few words that formulate our tagline. It is deeply entrenched in our blood and, we dare say, the largest key in unlocking the potential in the Volvo trunk of yore and, now, the plans we incubate from our 83 Hagley Park Road home.

Throughout our years of operation, we have learnt that business is indeed a merger between science and art. But, we have also discovered that, to be truly impactful, it takes an enormous amount of heart.


After an intensive nursing career, followed by an impressive career on the business side of the health care arena under the mentorship of Mr. Glen Christian (Cari-Med Ltd), Myrtis Boothe incorporated her own Company: Medical Disposables & Supplies Ltd. (MDS).


MDS officially begins operations.


After an intensive nursing career, followed by an impressive career on the business side of the health care arena under the mentorship of Mr. Glen Christian (Cari-Med Ltd), Myrtis Boothe incorporated her own Company: Medical Disposables & Supplies Ltd. (MDS).



The Company rents a small section of a building on Westminister Road to house its inventory. Shortly after, the first Sales Representative was recruited.

Early 2001

Positive growth & expansion plans for a pharmaceutical range of products fuel the need for a new facility. The Company acquires a building in The Domes Business Complex.

Mid 2001

The Company gains consumer sub-distributorships for other established companies, including Johnson & Johnson.

Late 2001

MDS acquires a second adjoining unit in The Domes Business Complex.


MDS begins islandwide distribution.


As part of the effort to diversify the business, a pharmaceutical partner is sought for portfolio expansion. MDS is contracted to co-distribute the line of vaccines manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), the sixth largest pharmaceutical company in the world.


Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd. (DRL), one of the largest custom pharmaceutical businesses with headquarters in India, appoints MDS as co-distributor of their pharmaceutical line in the Jamaican market.


GSK appoints MDS as co-distributor of their pharmaceutical line.


With a growing representation in the industry as a David among Goliaths, MDS is more recognised in the eyes of suppliers. Supreme Chemicals Ltd. appoints MDS as a distributor of their Bunny’s line of products.


An additional unit in The Domes Business Complex is leased.

MDS receives an early Christmas Gift – the successful listing of the Company on the Jamaica Stock Exchange Junior Market on Dec 24, 2013.


Denk Pharma appoints the Company as co-distributor of their German manufactured off patent pharmaceutical line of products.

  • MARCH 2014

MDS closes its financial year with a 44-member strong team.

  • APRIl 2014

An additional unit in The Domes Business Complex is leased.

  • Sep 2014

Flagship Biotech International Ltd. appoints MDS as distributor.


MDS purchases a property located at 83 Hagley Park Road.

Vida Labs appoints MDS as its distributor.


MDS begins operations from its new home at 83 Hagley Park Road.


GSK Consumer appoints MDS as co-distributor for its Consumer segment.

  • JUNE 2017

Canadian-based Seaford Pharmaceuticals appoints MDS as exclusive distributor.

  • AUGUST 2017

3M appoints MDS as distributor of their healthcare line of products.


MDS surpasses the J$2B revenue mark for the first time.



MDS enters the Fast-moving Consumer Goods segment (FMCG) and is appointed as the distributor for the Colombian headquartered Aldor Confectionery.


MDS celebrates its 20th Anniversary.


MDS hosts its inaugural annual ‘Mpowered’ Continuing Education (CE) Conference for Pharmacists.


The Government implements curfews and shutters businesses, resulting in reduced business activity and demand for goods and services, particularly the demand for non-essentials products. Fortunately, for Medical Disposable and Supplies Limited, there was an increase in the demand for pharmaceuticals, and particular medical items (masks, gloves, gowns, face shields)

The dissolution of the Agreement governing the partnership between MDS and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Consumer Healthcare’s portfolio of OTC and oral health brands took effect, as part of the shift in GSK’s international business model and worldwide restructuring process following their acquisition of Pfizer and Novartis. (MDS still retains the Vaccines and Pharmaceuticals portfolios).


MDS enters into an asset acquisition agreement with Montego-based Cornwall Medical and Dental Supplies Limited (CMDL), carrying out the operation as a newly formed subsidiary, Cornwall Enterprises Limited (CEL) in which MDS owns a 60% stake. This acquisition expands the Company’s portfolio of complementary offerings – namely, dental supplies, retail pharmacy operations under the brand name Corn-Med Pharmacy (two in Montego Bay and one in Savanna-la-Mar) – and provides added tentacles in the western region of the island.

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