At MDS, we recognise that one of the most important aspects of business is the act of ‘caring’.


We work hard at being a company that our employees and our customers can be proud of.

That means doing our best to support the many people and communities we serve. Even as Covid-19 impacted sponsorship budgets and the ability to financially support social initiatives, we remained focused on the health and productivity of our nation.

We continue to engage in the traditional sense through our support of Customers in the health sector and with health- based events and fairs.

We Rise By


Being well aware that active communities lead to healthier communities, we also remain particularly passionate about youth development, with a focus on two pillars – sports and education – for the mental, social and emotional benefits they provide, the discipline they encourage, the spirit of determination they encourage and as the access point to a higher education and a brighter future for many.

‘Taking Care’ of business is only one of our responsibilities. ‘Taking Care’ of our communities is another of marked importance.

We have and will continue to strive to make meaningful positive contributions, building on this foundation as far as we can, for as long as we can. 

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Business Unusal

We focus on providing an unparalleled experience in our customer interactions and a world-class offering that will delight our partners, fulfil our work family, enrich our shareholders and better the communities we serve.