MDS continues to expand and diversify in line with the company’s long-term growth objective.

Corporate Governance

Medical Disposables and Supplies (“the Company”) strives to manage the business in a manner that promotes transparent governance and strong ethics.

In keeping with the Company’s vision “to be the most efficient, customer-centric and profitable distributor in the Caribbean”, the governance of MDS is underpinned by our values of delighting our customers, ensuring fulfilled employees, providing premium services and discharging

our responsibilities to the environment and our communities. As we grow and pursue our vision, we have strengthened our compliance and risk management, and a management structure that allows for agile decision-making but that is also sound and transparent. Through these efforts, we continue to improve our corporate governance, thereby maximising value for our shareholders.

The Company is committed to complying with all relevant corporate governance requirements; in particular with all applicable laws, the rules of the Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE) and the Private Sector Organisation’s (PSOJ) Code of Corporate Governance. The Company’s internal governance framework, particularly its Articles of Incorporation, embodies all the principles needed to ensure that the Company is managed and supervised in a manner consistent with good corporate governance, including the necessary checks and balances.

Governance Framework

Our corporate governance framework enables the effectiveness of the Board and its support to the Company’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and senior management team. 

Corporate Governance Board Charter

Articles of Incorporation

Charter for Audit & Compliance Committee

Charter for Compensation & Human Resources Committee

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Business Unusal

We focus on providing an unparalleled experience in our customer interactions and a world-class offering that will delight our partners, fulfil our work family, enrich our shareholders and better the communities we serve.